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Ready to cool down yet?


We love our summers here in Austria, and that’s not just because they’re relatively short and sweet, but I mean, look at this.

Summer in Austria

But as far as we’re concerned, winter can’t come soon enough either. Mountains, snow and a nice cup of tea (or maybe some Glühwein for those really cold days?) - those are only a few of the things we enjoy the most. As we’re going through some of our photos and videos we couldn’t help but reminisce.

Here we took a cable car up the north side of Dachstein mountain in Styria. It’s one of many mountain peaks that can be reached so easily in our winter loving nation. Be it for business or leisure, there’s a lot to explore and we just can’t wait! Let us know if those icy images have captured your imagination, too. We’re here to help you make them a reality.

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