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Hi everyone, thanks for checking out our profile!


We at makingmovieshappen are dedicated line producers and fixers, catering to all your production needs, big and small. We draw from vast experience and an extensive network of supportive contacts in Austria and all over Europe. We also offer all related services like location scouting, catering, travel and transpo, etc. Feel free to contact us, looking forward to getting in touch!

ask. we take care of it.

Production Planning & Execution


We offer full-service Line-Production for all sizes of productions


The sooner you contact us and let us know about your demands, the better we can plan and offer you a great experience working with us. Apart from great contacts concerning equipment-rental, transportation, catering and all other types of services required, we can also find matching personnel for your project, regardless of the size of your shoot. 


Recently, we have also been venturing into the fascinating field of photo-production. 

Location scouting & -management


Location scouting & -management is currently our most popular service. 


Apart from finding any possible location to fit your briefing, we also offer Locationmanagement, if required, throughout the production. 


We can also assist you in obtaining the permits, providing you with the right contacts and also do the paperwork for you. 


We have also got many contacts throughout Europe, to make it possible to scout more than one country at the same time, if you are planning to shoot in more than one destination. 


Most of the current pictures are taken with a Canon 6D and can be uploaded on the go. 

Job Descriptions

When looking for a crew, checking out the correct job-title for the position you are looking to fill, is helpful.


Also, if you are only starting out, you might want to know what you are getting yourself into. 



In general, the job-descriptions overlap, the main difference lying in a different split of responsibilities  between 1AD, key-PA (=Set-AL) & Production Manager (the production manager would write the callsheets, in accordance with the 1AD, not the 1AD alone)


Short summaries for each department, referring to the american system, nice overview on wikipedia.


German/Austrian system job-descriptions can be found here: wikipedia (unfortunately of course its in german).


imdb also offers an extensive glossary covering job-descriptions and miscellaneous other film-related epressions. 




Providing Crew


Due to our long-term experience, there is a big staff-pool to draw from to cover all positions in a movie- & stills crew. 

Providing Equipment


We are partnering up with local rental houses, to be able to supply you with well-maintained equipment at great rates. 

Casting, Transport, other Services


Of course, to complete the package, we are also offering all fringes like casting, transport, any other kind of service you might require. 



On request, we can provide you with postproduction-facilities & editors. This is listed separately because it requires a bit more prep-time than the more regularly sought after services. Nevertheless, we will do our best, to find a satisfactory solution for you!

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