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Personal Info



my name is Katharina Lichtenberg.


I am the owner & CEO of makingmovieshappen, an austrian based service production & production company operating mainly in Austria, and also throughout Europe.

I took my serious plunge into the film industry in 1999. 


I always found and am still finding it very important for myself, to acquire experience in more than one department in the system that makes up a film crew, so I also venture(d) into Art Direction/Production Design & Cam/Stills. Along with this comes of course also a basic idea about lighting, available lights, settings, etc.


Below I categorized & summarized my widespread experience by field.


Online-registers: (curated platform, popular in German-speaking areas) (society of production-managers, line-producers & other production-staff in Austria) (society of art-directors & production-designers & associated departments in Austria) (curated, reference-based platform; you will need to sign up to view profiles.)

Work Experience 

Film production
1999 - present

Executive Producer/Line Producer: from 2006

Locationscout: from 2001

Service-Provider: from 2006

Troubleshooter: from always

Fixer: from 2000

Started in this field: 1999 (1993)


I have worked in all Formats & Budget-frames, from fully blown big-budget feature to tiny low-budget project. 

As mentioned above, I worked my way up through all imaginable positions in production, so I always have an idea, of how much I am asking from a person and what qualifications are needed for which position in my team.

In case you are wondering what a "fixer" is: its the lovely expression for a local person that acts as an intermediate between the foreign production and the local environment. 

Event production
2005 - present

Executive Producer/Line Producer: from 2010

Field Producer: from 2005

Service-Provider: from 2006

Locationscout: from 2001

Troubleshooter: from 2007

Started in this field: 1994, with some gaps when filming took over the best part of my time.


I have got experience i a wide range of different sizes and types of events, starting in school with the school-ball, through evening-parties & parties for big beverage brands like Bacardi, Heineken, Jack Daniel's etc. 

From Promoter to Producer, i have also worked my way up through the ranks, thus being able to accurately estimate and plan the required resources, timings & costs for various types of events.





Loves challenges


Leadership qualities

Self-starter personality

Last minute no bar


German - native speaker

English - C2

French - B2

Hindi - A1

Czech - A1

Italian - guesswork ;-)




Executive Producer

LIne Producer





Can handle all formats:

Feature to TV-Series, Documentaries, Shorts & Image films



Executive Producer

LIne Producer

Field Producer




Art Department

Production Design (smaller ones)


Visual concept

Art director's Assistant

Prop buyer

Building scale-models

Technical drawings (by hand)

Other Pursuits

Photography (focus on buildings & landscapes)


DIY Projects

Refurbishing my flat

Crocheting woolen hats (=Hauben)

Sewing dirndls in glacial pace

Strength training






Art Department
2001 - present

Production Design: from 2001

Locationscout: from 2001

Visual concept: from 2001

Art director's Assistant: from 2003

Prop-buyer: from 2003

Building scale-models: from 1997

Technical drawings: from 1997


Since I changed my field of focus at university from international business & economics to architecture, it was obvious that at some point it would make sense to merge the two fields and work in the art-department. 


As so often, things got hold of me, and from my first small production on I developed visual concepts & stages myself. Later, also wanting to learn about the art department in a bigger environment, i started to work as an art director's assistant, which gave me valuable insight into the process of actually building a stage, the crafts included, and the amount of time needed.



Technical University of Vienna, Architecture

2004 - 2007

Completion of the equivalent of a BA in Architecture, & some additional courses towards Civil-Engineer. No formal BA-Degree offered in Austria at that time. (= "1. Abschnitt");


Completion of all Design-Courses required for an MA.

University of Innsbruck, Architecture & International Business and Economics

​1996 - 2004

Architecture (from 1997):


Basic courses in Architecture, taking part in various student-competitions which were all won, picking up technical drawing, completion of design-courses 1 - 4


International Business & Economics (from 1996):


Completion of BA-Equivalent in 2 Semesters, focus shifted towards Architecture, but continued to take interesting courses on the side.

Technical University of Prague (CVUT), Architecture

2001 - 2002

Mainly Design-Courses in Architecture and taking advantage of the extensive history of architecture lessons offered.


Parallel Courses in Innsbruck & Imst, partnering with the University of Graz.

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