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Some general info about makingmovieshappen, like articles, web-features & other interessting stuff.


If you are looking for more information, please contact us.

Company Info

makingmovieshappen was founded in 2005 by Katharina Lichtenberg



makingmovieshappen is a film production company in Austria, offering europe-wide service. Last minute and troubleshooting are our speciality. We provide all kinds of service essential for a successful shoot. We are offering special cultural competence and network for and in India!  If you are looking for a fixer, service producer, or line producer in Austria, give us a ring! Our best network is in Salzburg and in Vienna, but we are shooting throughout Austria. 


ask. we take care of it. 

Online-registers: (curated platform, popular in German-speaking areas) (society of production-managers, line-producers & other production-staff in Austria) (society of art-directors & production-designers & associated departments in Austria) (curated, reference-based platform; you will need to sign up to view profiles. 

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