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Forecasts Schmorecasts

There is one big thing we have in common with our ancient forebears: We want to predict the weather, so we can plan ahead.

It is a frustrating endeavour, trying to predict something that is inherently chaotic, but it won't keep us from trying, right?

At present the Austrian weather is showing us how futile our efforts are. The sun and clouds are doing their own thing and we are left with many surprises.

Thankfully though, we are always prepared. Careful planning, a thorough understanding of potential challenges and a lot of experience with shoots outdoors, and specifically in the mountains, has made us a reliable production partner. It's all about being prepared, buffer time and problem-solving skills. Do you need help with any of these?

Shoot us an email if you have any questions for your next shoot. We're looking forward to talking about your next production here in Austria!

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