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#TBT Tulasi

It's time for another Throwback Thursday. Honestly, we love looking back at these highlights, and we hope you do, too! This time we go back eleven years (we can't believe, it's been this long, either) to the production of the Telugu action film Tulasi. We had the pleasure to do line production for this box office hit that starred Venkatesh and Nayanthara.

If you've ever been to Vienna, surely this video won't be too different from your own tour through this lovely city, that we call our home.

A little less well known, but a stunner nonetheless: The following music video shows the *slightly* smaller town Bischofshofen.

And if you haven't had enough yet, we have one more for you. Not just are there a lot of great music videos for this film, but obviously we're excited to see our contribution in these, as well. Can you spot the Austrian locations in the next one?

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