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Cinema made in Austria at the Berlinale

Another highly anticipated annual event: The Berlinale. Today we would like to introduce you to three Austrian movies, shown at this fantastic film festival, that stand out to us.

This film, based on Elfriede Jelinek's 666-page long novel, has caught our attention for its quirkiness and unusual attention to detail. It was shot on 666 rolls of super-8 film and was shot as a silent film, played by amateur actors. Kelly Copper and Pavel Liska created this unique and worthwhile film, that brings an interesting breath of fresh air into the theatres, even though the underlying theme is as dark as can be.

David Schalko created a mini series based on the 1932-classic by Fritz Lang. The story was modernised and moved to Vienna. The series actually premiered at the Berlinale and it can still be seen on ORF Mediathek for a while, don't miss this chance!

Portraying our relationship to this planet, Nikolaus Geyrhalter created a documentary film that's thoughtful and provocative. Very successfully so: the film won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury Forum for its ability to draw attention towards spiritual and social values.

We're proud of our Austrian colleagues and their successes. Keep on keeping on, guys!

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