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Home Sweet Home

Did you know how much the Viennese love Vienna? Well we love it too (obviously), and that’s why it is our production business' home of choice - the abyss, as we lovingly call it. And here’s yet another factlet that we and our fellow citizens love to boast about now: Vienna just kicked Melbourne off the first place as most livable city in the world according to the Economist Intelligent Unit's annual ranking. Yup, we’re very proud of that.

More precisely, we’re situated in the 15th district, Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, a stone’s throw from Schönbrunn palace, one of Austria’s most important cultural assets and a lovely place to unwind when a break is needed.

At makingmovieshappen, we’re currently a team of three. That’s Katharina, owner and CEO, Stephan P, production manager and Stephan H, office manager. However, we’re also quite excited about sharing our our space with other like-minded folks. On the other side of the room we have Julia, who’s an editor and motion designer.

And then we have one more spot, that we are currently hoping to fill again very soon.

We are all passionate about our work and enjoy sharing our experiences, as much as we like being able to focus on what we do. Respect for each other’s time and space is high on our agenda. But of course there’s always a bit of fun as well. Recently we bid the summer farewell with a BBQ in the inner courtyard and we’re just about to plan a movie night.

We’d actually love to hear from you, if you’re still looking for some office space. We have perfect temperatures throughout the seasons, a kitchen, shower, super fast internet and more. Just contact us and let’s have a chat! Here's some more information about the space.

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