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Props in Vienna

We like to make movies and sometimes we like to get artistic as well.

We are currently working on a short historical film and of course this is a challenging endeavour! BUT makingmovieshappen is our motto!

We are aware, that costume and props will be a major centrepiece of the film. Even though Vienna offers a wide range of historical buildings, archways and bridges we still got to find old clocks, large candle sticks and other historical pieces to make the film come alive.

Example from Scouting at "Props&co"

In Vienna, there is a large factory building full of historical artefacts as far as the eye can see. "Props & co" was initiated in 2005. The collection, mostly from the 19th and 20th century, was assembled by many different prop masters and fills up a space of 36.597 square foot. “Props & co” helps create cinema and TV magic for over 40 different Films every year.

Till recently, “props & co” was in the second district of Vienna, making it very central and easy to get to but now it has been forced to move to lower Austria.

I don’t mind making the trip, just as long as I have a big car to store all the props that I am going to need! I suggest taking a tour of “Props & co” and exploring the grounds. You never know what might inspire you!

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