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Austria’s big hit horror film of 2019!

When you mention Austria, people think of apple strudel, the alps and cute traditional Austrian clothing called: “Trachten”.

If you ask, especially Americans, what their favorite Austrian movie is, then you will most likely hear: “The Sound of Music". Every American knows this movie and you can count on the fact that they know every song by heart too.

If you are someone who enjoys Austrian culture and cuisine but can do without all the kitschy songs? Then I have a treat for you!

“DIE KINDER DER TOTEN” combines the lushes Austrian landscape, polka bands, delicious beer and adds a little twist: ZOMBIES!

This horror movie is the next big Austrian cult movie; you must see!

The film is based on a novel by the notorious Austrian author Elfriede Jelinek. Her novel is classified as a postmodern horror novel and explores a village and its suppressed memory of the Holocaust.

© Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion

In her story the dead come back to celebrate life by drinking, fornicating and dancing with the new inhabitants of the village.

The movie focuses on a few sad characters who have not resolved their past or are longing for their loved ones to come back and when the dead do arrive, it is unexpected and tears of horror and joy overcome the village. The film is by no means boring and can best be explained in this song text that I just thought of:

"Rain drops on corpses and torn and ripped mittens,

white copper kettles and beer for the livin.

Face-pancakes that completely cling.

These are a few of my favorite things!"

© Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion

Elfriede Jelinek masters a unique style of writing which led her to win the nobel prize for literature. The novel is intense to read and even many German speaking people find it difficult to understand. I have not even dared to try myself.

© Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion

The directors of the movie “DIE KINDER DER TOTEN” were warned about the difficulty and therefore never read the novel but rather let Austrians tell them what the book was about.

The directors Kelly Copper und Pavol Liskawere immediately inspired by the story and decided to make a feature movie and over the course of about 3 months filmed the movie in Styria, Austria. The actors were mainly real citizens of the village and the surrounding area.

Kelly Copper und Pavol Liska live in New York, where they lead the theatre group: „Nature Theater of Oklahoma”.

The directors allowed current political issues in Austria to inspire the movie. The Syrian refugee-crisis plays a role in the horror film and adds another cynical layer.

The movie was filmed in Super 8, which adds to the nostalgic horror film look. The film was produced by Ulrich Seidl, Claus Philipp and Georg Aschauer.

The film premiered in Berlin and won the “FIPRESCI” prize. On April 5th the film entered cinemas in Austria.

I hope you get a chance to see this silent-film because it is a combination of Austrian landscape and the element of horror that I have not yet seen in this form. The musik created by

I was completely overwhelmed and haven’t forgotten the film till this day!

© Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion

A tune comes to mind:

When the Zombies bite When the firemen swing their thing When I'm feeling sad I simply remember my favorite things And then I don't feel so bad…

For more of my favorite things watch this trailer of "DIE KINDER DER TOTEN":


Further Film-prizes include:

Fipresci Jury Preis (Berlinale 2019), Grand Jury Prize Avant-Garde & Genre Competition (BAFICI - Buenos Aires International Festival of Intependent Cinema 2019)

Festivals Premiere at the 69. Internationalen Filmfestival Berlin, 2019 (Forum) INTERNATIONALES FILMFESTIVAL FEBIOFEST, Bratislava, 2019 BAFICI - Buenos Aires International Festival of Intependent Cinema, 2019 Internationales Frauenfilmfestival, Dortmund, 2019 Subversive Film Festival, Zagreb, 2019 Jeonju Intl. Film Festival, Seoul - Südkorea Singapore International Festival of Arts, 2019

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