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#TBT La Bohème

So far you've always heard about the various collaborations with our beloved Indian partners. We greatly enjoy these international projects, but here and there we are also involved in a local production. So today we would like to take you back to 2008 and the production of La Bohème.

This film, based on Giacomo Puccini's 1896 opera, was produced by ORF and directed by Robert Dornhelm. It starred the talented and beautiful Anna Netrebko, as well as Rolando Villazón in the lead roles.

We supported the production by providing the art director's assistant.

The film was shot in the legendary Rosenhügel Studios, where many other Viennese classics from the 1920s onwards have been filmed. This location has already seen quite a few stars and it was nice to see La Bohème become another film in this studio's long lasting history.

So, you can imagine, we were quite excited to contribute to this production.

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