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"Angelo" by Markus Schleinzer

Human trafficking has been around for centuries and continues throughout our world, where the gap between the modern face- book and the faceless become greater and therefore many people, who are traded on the black market are unseen and forgotten.

The movie “Angelo” gives an enslaved man, deprived of choice, back his story. Angelo Soliman (1721–1796) the first black man in Austria.

Sighted from Austrianfilms. com

The history of Angelo takes us to the 18 century, the age of enlightenment, and depicts aristocratic society gasping over a man from the unknown continent, Africa.

Angelo was brought to Austria for no other reason than to entertain the high society through storytelling, dance and music. He was viewed upon as an object and observed freedom through an invisible cage. He was not permitted relationships, marriage or children.

The creative Austrian director Markus Schleinzer took the story of this young man and developed a cinematic narrative, with his cameraman Gerald Kerkletz, that gave us the audience, the chance to observe Angelo much like the Austrian nobility would have done. We do not share an intimate relationship with the character, through close-ups etc, but rather have an observant view.

My favourite scene from the movies is the shot of Angelo being bought by a noble woman. Unusual for a historic film, the director takes this part of the story and places it into modern times. We observe Angelo being picked, like a prize, in a modern warehouse, creating awareness of modern day society, which enjoys products from around the world not knowing where they came from and also, under what conditions the product was made.

We at makingmovieshappen, absolutely recommend watching the movie "Angelo" by Markus Schleinzer. Especially, (for all producers out there) if you are planning to make a historical film in Austria!


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