Managing Oneself

October 2, 2018


Adulting isn't an easy task, is it? It seems like we are all constantly trying to figure out how to stay organised, managing our personal and professional lives. And being in the business of film production, we know a fair bit about organisation. 


There's an endless amount of literature out there, and we aren't necessarily big fans of those types of books, but we recently found Peter Drucker's Managing Oneself. It's a compact book of 55 pages, so it's easy to fit into a busy schedule. Its overall concept is to to help the reader focus on their strengths in order to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Sounds simple, and it is! That's what we love about it. Effective messages are never complicated.


It is such a quick and efficient read and we have found that it's already influencing the way we approach our days.


We highly recommend you go grab a copy if you're looking for a bit of advice on how to manage your days a little better. Let us know if you do and what you think of it. We're currently discussing its key findings and our thoughts about them, down here in the abyss. 


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